haiiro no ginka march 2014 FINEM LAUDA interview - Shinya

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It seems like for the FINEM LAUDA tour you guys discussed and decided on the songs together. What were you thinking when you guys decided on the songs.

Shinya: Simply, I like the old songs so it was completely okay with me.

Did you put in your opinion of wanting to play particular songs?

Shinya: When I was thinking of suggesting some songs the songs I wanted to do were already suggested and because I didn’t want to increase the number of songs to more than there was already I didn’t say anything.

Incidentally, what were those songs you wanted to play?

Shinya: RED… [em], wake, JESSICA etc

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Even if you come to our live with a downcast look on your face, after the show I want to make you feel like looking up again, on your way home.

薫 「MINERVA -輪郭-」 (via hemimetabolism)

(And this is the reason why am I addicted to DIR lives. Because the happy feeling afterwards. The possibility to scream out your feelings during a song. A nobody judges you. Nobody. Just stupid people OUTSIDE the show.)

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『Motto2~vol.005~』 Sugizo & Kyo

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another nonhuman!kyo


another nonhuman!kyo

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GiGS Feb 2014 Toshiya x Shinya interview

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A mutual trust relationship that has built up between between the two in the rhythm section who carry on their shoulders the central part of the band.

Toshiya talks about Shinya

"The moment when we’re performing on the same wave length is the best feeling."

You yourself said that Shinya is heading towards a change as a drummer.

Toshiya: In a good way, I think he’s playing the drums in a way that leaves his own personality in the core of the band’s sound.  I think his approach which is complicated and has many moves is something unique to him. So I thought he should make full use of it this time too. But  for him making allowances is difficult. I think he’s a drummer who if he thinks “I’ll do this” ends up doing many things. But recently I think he restrains himself where he should and has started on an approach that makes the best of the band and musical composition even more.

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Shinya “DUM SPIRO SPERO” Portrait Picture

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